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Income Protection Australia

Income Protection Insurance is your replacement income in the event of disablement through sickness or accident.

Australia Income Protection

Income Protection Policies

are also known as accident & sickness insurance or disability insurance.

Australian Income Protection

is a tax deductible expense for most employed and self-employed workers.

Income Protection Insurance

pays a monthly income benefit during a term of disability.

Income Protection Insurance Companies

offer monthly benefits of up to 75% of total monthly income and can be extended to include optional term life insurance, trauma cover and lump sum TPD (total permanent disablement) insurance benefits.

Income Insurance Policies

are complex legal documents and you should be sure to seek professional advice from a licensed insurance specialist before you buy or renew an income protection insurance policy  to ensure that your personal needs and objectives are being met.

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Apply online for a free comparative income protection insurance policy analysis using state-of-the-art price comparator software to help YOU find the BEST income protection policy for YOUR specific personal needs.

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Disability Income InsurancePolicies vary greatly from company to company ... not just in price, but in features, benefits, options, flexibility ... and even in their definitions.

For example, most companies have a slightly different definition of the term "disabled" - meaning that you could be considered for a claim with one company but not be entitled to claim with another!

get a free income protection insurance quote >>

get a free income protection insurance quote >>

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